Is the Illuminati real? Illuminati Theories.

So if we are talking about conspiracy theories, Illuminati must be in it. Therefore I want my first article to be about the Illuminati. What is Illuminati? Illuminati is believed to be a secret society consisted of the most powerful people in the world. These people include the richest people, presidents, and celebrities. Nowadays, whatever happens in the world people start blaming them on the Illuminati. Some people have come up with some crazy theories about the Illuminati. Most of the craziest theories are about the celebrities. But before we start talking about those theories let’s see what Illuminati really is and how people have started talking about it.


Illuminati has a very real historical foundation. So it was actually a thing back in the day. In 1776 Adam Weishaupt, a German professor, inspired by the ideas of French philosophy, decided to form an organization in Germany to protect those beliefs. He formed a secret group and called it “The Order of the Illuminati”. Conservatives considered this as threat to the church and the Illuminati was stopped by mid to late 1780s. Some people believe that they kept going and they still exist today.

Some people believe that the Illuminati is made up of the United States Government, United nations, and other organizations. Presidents and celebrities are also believed to be in the Illuminati. Very small number of people believe that the Illuminati is made up of lizard people and Donald Trump, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and other celebrities are believed to be in this group but the majority do not believe that they are lizard people.

The name that is more often associated with the Illuminati is Beyonce. Celebrities pointing hand gestures that could show their loyalty to the Illuminati happens a lot. Beyonce has been seen with those gestures so many times and she is believed to be the head of the Illuminati. One of the theories is that the Illuminati is killing the celebrities and replacing them with clones. Avril Lavigne is one of the examples. A lot of people say that Avril Lavigne has changed a lot. Her face and character is much different than the old Avril Lavigne. Beyonce’s daughter’s name Blue Ivy has been interpreted to stand for “Born Living Under Evil Illuminati’s Very Youngest”.

Beyonce-IlluminatiThere are so many different theories about the Illuminati but these are the main ones. Some people go way too far but make some crazy theories. Even though I like Illuminati theories and talking about I do not believe that Illuminati exists. If it was such a secret group we would not have so much information about them. What do you think? Is Illuminati real?


Conspiracy Theories

I started this blog because I am really fascinated by conspiracy theories. Even though I do not believe all the conspiracy theories out there, it is still fun to know them and talk about them. I am going to use this blog to share all my favorite and newest conspiracy theories. I think that it will be a great blog for all the conspiracy theory fans. I will try to do my best to share different categories of theories. I am just starting this blog so please stay with me and enjoy the website.Illuminati

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